Where is My Serial Number?

Follow the directions below to find your serial number in order to add your new DroneMobile device to your account.


How can I find my Serial Number?

At your time of installation, your authorized DroneMobile installer should provide you with a Quick-Start card that shows your DroneMobile module’s Serial Number. If you have a DR-3100, DR-3300, or DR-3400 module, you can also find the Serial Number on the label-side of the module (as pictured).




If you did not receive a Quick-Start card from your DroneMobile retailer/installer, please contact them today and request them to provide you your Module’s serial number.


What is a Serial Number?

Every DroneMobile Module has a unique Serial Number that it uses to identify and/or authenticate itself on our secure, DroneMobile App Server. When you first create your DroneMobile User Account, a Serial Number is required to forever associate a specific DroneMobile Module with your Username (or E-mail Address). After you’ve created this association, even if someone acquires your DroneMobile serial number they will not be able to use their own e-mail address to control your DroneMobile Module.


What if I lose my Serial Number?

If you have lost your DroneMobile Module’s serial number, please do one of the following:

  • Contact your local authorized retailer – If necessary, a retailer may request you to make an appointment so that they can access the Module itself, which includes a label with your system’s Serial Number.
  • Submit a Ticket – One of our DroneMobile Team Members will be more than happy to help you find your serial number.
  • Give us a call: Toll-Free (888)820-3690.